Staffing Solutions

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Staffing Solutions

We focus on people, processes, and technology

Our core business is providing recruitment solutions in all sectors of the industry and in various functional areas. The majority of our employees work in the areas of sales, logistics and customer service. We focus on people, processes, and technology to improve business productivity by enabling our customers to outsource their staffing needs and enabling them to focus on operating and growing their core business. The workforce is evident in growth studies in the information technology sector, mainly driven by outsourcing. The 20th century has allowed even greater progress in technological and communication innovations. Faced with this nascent growth, the government has decided to implement a series of reforms aimed specifically at facilitating the growth and expansion of the information technology and information technology sector in the country.

Having recognized the potential of outsourcing services, an idea was launched to create a company that employs labor and related services to meet the needs of the industry. That’s why VassSoft Staffing Solutions has been developed.

IT, Hospitality and Healthcare.

VassSoft  Staffing Solutions has evolved to bridge the gap between the primary employer and the raw level of staff working in an organization. VassSoft  is a burgeoning temporary recruitment solutions company that aims to meet the requirements of the employer principle and legal compliance in general. VassSoft  is associated with leading companies in information technology, manufacturing, and infrastructure for the provision of temporary recruitment solutions in USA.

In addition, although we have always been agnostic towards the sector, which allowed us to provide temporary recruitment solutions for sales, logistics and customer service functions, low margin services. we intend to offer higher margin services by offering specialized service offerings in the areas of IT, hospitality and healthcare. We also intend to strengthen our operations by recruiting operating personnel to support the growth of new verticals and service offerings.